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Organon of Medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy

Department of Organon Homoeopathic

The department has a large departmental library with numerous reference books. It also make use of teaching aids like CD ROMs, transparencies, charts and slides on various topics so that students can have better and easier understanding of the subjects. The department also organises a yearly debate on the occasion of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's birth anniversary.

On the title page, the phrase ‘AUDE SAPERE ’ in Latin, meaning ‘dare to be wise’ is used by Hahnemann from Second edition onwards in The Organon of Medicine, as he thought it most appropriate to his new school of medicine – Homoeopathy, and also probably to tell his followers to know for themselves, the true art of medicine. The phrase was used by the Roman poet, Horace, first and subsequently quoted by the German Philosopher, Immanuel Kent, from where probably Hahnemann was inspired to use this.

Organon Homoeopathic Philosophy
Organon Homoeopathic Philosophy