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Rules and Regulations

  • Student shall have a clear knowledge of the programs, admission policies, institution goals & objective & rules and regulations of this college & shall abide by them a maintain discipline throughout his/her tenure as a student of this college.
  • A student shall accept any deterrent punishment decided by the college authorities for any infringement or violation of the discipline and conduct rules of the college.
  • Every student must be aware of the fact that the Practice of “Ragging “ in the college or outside is totally banned vide “Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging act 1999,”. The student should read the act displayed on the notice board & be aware of the severe punishment that can be imposed on the person violating the provision of this act.
  • A student shall not indulge in misconduct, pertaining to examination by unfair means.
  • Student must be aware that as per CCH & MUHS rules a minimum of 75% in the lectures & 80% in practical & clinics is a compulsory requirement to be eligible to appear for the final examination.
  • Student must be aware that, payment of tuition fees on the dates notified by the college is compulsory.
  • A student must read the notice board daily as this will be the only authorized media of communication by the college with student. The onus of any loss to student for failing to read the notice board lies only with the concerned student.
  • A student shall not carry any valuable articles to the college & if so shall be solely responsible for it in case of its loss.
  • A student shall owe the responsibility of any loss due to his/her negligence or in case of an accident due to rash & negligent driving within and outside the permises of the colleges.
  • A student shall strive to maintain the building & the campus, of the college clean & tidy & shall not involve in writing graffiti on walls, chairs, tables, toilets, lift etc.
  • Student should be aware that smoking, chewing panmasala, gutkha, spitting, consuming alcoholic drinks & drugs is strictly prohibited in the college & hostel campus.
  • Students of this college must conduct themselves at all times with the dignity befitting the profession of a doctor.